About Bayfield

Who is Bayfield Coffee Company?

Bayfield Coffee was originally founded on the shores of Lake Superior in the small coastal town of Bayfield, Wisconsin. The founders, along with their dear friend and specialty roaster, had developed a special blend of coffee beans from various regions around the world that came together to form a robust, flavorful, yet non-bitter brew. This unique new roasted coffee was aptly named “The Perfect Storm”TM after the nautical phenomenon that embodies all of the force that nature can muster to make a powerful impact. This type of storm occurs once every 50 to 100 years so the rarity and the blend are not only unique but powerful; just like the flavor complexity that our The Perfect StormTM offers.

All coffee blends offered by Bayfield Coffee Company are produced in a manner to exceed our high quality level specifications established for our specialty blends. Since our roasting program uses only the highest quality, specialty class 1 Arabica coffee beans which are the top 2% of all coffee beans grown in the world, Bayfield Coffee Company has assembled an all-star lineup of traditional and robust coffees in addition to many other gourmet flavors to delight the various flavor palettes of even the most discerning coffee lovers. Regardless of your choice of robust or mild, flavored or non-flavored, or even decaf, you can be assured that your coffee has been roasted from the finest, premium level coffee beans in the world.

More about our company

Bayfield Coffee Company (BCC) is “a family owned” company that strives to bring high quality consumer beverage products to coffee drinkers across the e-Commerce world while focusing on education and opportunity. BCC is owned and operated by Achille (Kelly) Infusino, a local Technical College instructor in the field of Business and his wife Joyce Infusino who is an accountant at a local firm. Kelly and Joyce are also the proud parents of 4 beautiful children who have grown through their own educations into significant contributors in their diverse fields of expertise. Those areas range from specialties in Finance, Law, Food Safety, and Information Technology.

The company was founded with the goal of having a family managed business that can also provide paid employment opportunities for students graduating from the Business, Marketing and Graphics programs at the local Technical College in order to help students gain practical experience to maximize their employment opportunities. At BCC, we are proud to say that much of the graphic and web site design has been done by a recent graduate who has won national awards for web design and we utilize students in the marketing and promotional elements to introduce products to consumers, to call on retailers, and also to help serve our clientele’s needs.

Passion for a finely brewed, high quality coffee and developing educational opportunities is what sets us apart from other coffee companies. We are a coffee company that prides itself on making a difference in more than one way. With just one sip of our delicious, roasted premium coffee you will taste the difference that passion makes. Enjoy!